Stephen Webster

The Webster

We all are inspired by other designers in our own fields. I'm even having a series monthly where I showcase my favourite jewellery designers. So when Im asked what designer I loved the most it is always hard to choose, but, the first one that always come to mind is Stephen Webster.

When I started my journey in the jewellery world he was the one who stod out in the crowd of sophisticated, classical Diamond jewellery with his gothic and rock-ish jewellery. I was hooked! I loved all of it! The colors, the sharp edges, the very graphic, straight to the point motifs. It was just brilliant. It was so inspiring to see someone with a whole new take on what luxurious jewellery could be. It doesn't have to be the traditional brilliant cut Rubies and Sapphires neatly stacked but it could be a fancy cut pink Kunzite or purple Tanzanites in the shape of a seahorse or a spider. To me he is the David Bowie of the jewellery industry. 

He is not only an inspiring designer with years of experience on the bench but he is also a very active in the industry helping set the standards for fairtrade material and created the Rock Vault for the British Fashion Council, lifting up British aspiring jewellery designers. In general being an interesting and impressive man. Paving the way for a newer generation of jewellery designers and brands.