Starstudio Pressevent & Stockholm city

Blessed as we are, we are fortunate to travel back and forth between the magnificent cities Dubai and Stockholm. So after a great month of March in Dubai we headed of to Stockholm for Starstudio's press event day.

We were very excited to be able to present and talk about our beloved Couture pieces and to finally unveil Mary Anne to the world! Meeting other amazing Swedish jewellery brands, talking to jewellery enthusiast, jewellery editors, stylists, photographers and so many other interesting people. It was a fabulous day and Starstudio really did an amazing job organizing it. 

And the location was the best part, Strandvägen 7A with its gorgeous old architecture, right next to the iconic dock of Nybro with the sunniest spring weather Stockholm could offer. It was magical. It was a Kodak moment everytime you looked out the window. 

After the event we spent another week of family, friends and work where we managed to go back to winter with -2 and snow. Stockholm in the spring is fascinating that way, you get all 4 seasons in one!