Over a month ago we had our photoshoot for our Bespoke service with the gorgeous R. Jacobs. I'm not a fan of the camera, specially when being the subject and trying to be relaxed and natural is next to impossible for me. But as always, when you work with great people things turn out fantastic! Here are some behind the scene snaps.

Great day, great shots! Couldn't be happier. Both cause they turned out great but also that it's done and over with! Haha. Figured I would be a pro by now since we also did a profile photoshoot this summer during our visit in Stockholm, but I just can't seem to be friend the camera. Oh well. My good friend Johan Mattsson from Swell ran all over south side of Stockholm with me to capture the great beauty that is Stockholm city.

Two experiences and a whole lot of pictures richer! I admire photographers so much. Their ability to capture moments and make them magical memories. Love it! Just like we do here at Home of Eve, only with do it with precious, luscious jewels.