Inspiration Is All Around!

What an amazing start to the year. Fashion week after fashion week, London, Stockholm, NYC, Paris and then we've had the Grammys, Oscars, Gold Globe and the Swedish Grammies to just mention a few. We've barely covered haft of them but of course, we have been influenced! 

Jewellery isn't just a craftmanship and treasure, it is fashion! It's very important still to distinguish fashion jewellery from fine jewellery BUT if we just look at the concept of fashion, jewellery is very much part of it. We complement or even build our entire outfits on our jewels and that is always clearly shown on the red carpet. 

Fashion weeks and awards of course differ a lot from each other. Fashion weeks are all about the creative, the art of wearing and styling while the awards highly glamorous and thrilling! Oscars was definitely a favourite!


Jessica Biel's choker from Tiffany & Co. was an absolute masterpiece! From Tiffany's Blue Book Collection, the "Whispers of the Rain Forest" piece has over 200 baguette Diamonds and over 350 individually shaped petals. 18K gold, platinum and Diamonds is a master combo!


The Oscars Jewels 2017

Photo 2017-02-28, 09 48 11.png

One of the most glamorous event of the year took place last night. We were or course checkin our the jewels! Naturally we look for the larger the life, spectacular, bold and creative pieces, cause that's what we love here at Home of Eve. 

Last year had more color, more bolder gems but there definitely were some great statement pieces this year too. And there seemed to be a popular theme, chokers. Big ones, creative ones and classic ones. 

Jessica Biel in Tiffany & Co. is our absolute favourite this year. Janelle Monea in Forvermark is a great example of someone using this event to show creative and luxurious jewels. Amazing! Taraji P. Henson just looks stunningly feminine and classy in Nivad Modi  (who seemed to be very popular this year). 

Here are the more classical, all Diamond pieces we loved this event. Charlize Theron in massive Chopard earrings (how can you go wrong with those?), Kate Bosworth in minimal but sharp Piaget set and our own Oscar winner (from last year) looking sweet and classy in Bvlgari. 

Our two favourite ladies in the jewellery industry, here being worn by Kate Hudson (Loarrain Schwartz) and Amy Adams (Cindy Chao). Earrings are such a great playful jewellery to wear and they looked perfect!

Such an exciting event and tonight it's on to the next one, Grammis Galan in Stockholm!