March, month of exciting jewels and events

March offered a very exciting red carpet jewels during the award season that we could barely keep up! So much inspiration and gorgeous pieces!

We're massive fans of bold, colorful and dramatic pieces and the Oscars really didn't disappoint. Meanwhile in Stockholm, our girls Allegra and Mary Anne made their way around the awards and festivities.

Seen on the Elle Gala, Polar Music prize and celebrity events and it's amazing to see how a jewellery piece transforms with each person and style. If it's a gala, a dinner party or a birthday party, jewellery is always right! BIG jewellery, is always right. At least that's what we think.



Wedding fever

So February is one of the two big wedding months and we've been lucky enough to meet some lovebirds to design their perfect rings.


Weddings are of course, not only about the wedding rings but also about the bride jewels as well. What's so great today is that brides are inspired, not only by classics but also by jewels from other cultures and countries. Colored gems, patterns, style of ring, it's all open for discussion and it's very exciting! 

The reason February is such a big wedding month, is because a wedding requires a lot of planning and you need to be prepared, to give each and every little detail time. Picking your venue, menu, flowers and of course, your jewels. This years most favourite jewellery piece is the head piece. Most cultures share this jewel, some in form of a Tiara, hair clips or a full on head piece.

Luckily the wedding fever wont end here in February but will continue all through the spring! Cause we can't have enough!



Unisex Jewellery

So what does that even mean? Well the word unisex of course means that the object can be used by both males and females but how does that look in the jewellery world? 

There's either been the traditional male jewellery, except for the cufflinks, tie pins and watches usually result in plain flat rings, silver cuff bracelets or leather jewellery. Some might even wear long pendants. The more fashionable men have even been using the classical Cartier bracelets as a standard daily wear. Black is usually the go to color.

And course, we have exciting artists like Prince and Elton John etc who created the 80's look wearing earrings, brooches and other accessories to add on to their looks. 

But true unisex jewellery, should be neither of these things. Not just plain, not just black. Men should dare to wear gems, colors and shapes. Unisex jewellery to us is a creative and exciting jewellery piece that doesn't lean on any specific gender. It should be picked simply for it's style. 

Men are more interested to accessories to today and we couldn't be happier about that! So lets give men something more interesting then just cufflinks and bracelets. Let's give them more then silver and white gold. Let's give them unisex!


Wedding fever!

In most countries, summer is the wedding season and it is so on! Also, alot of people get engage and started their plans for coming wedding dates next year. It's a wedding season either way.

The most exciting part of weddings of course are the jewellery (okay, we might be biased here, haha). Being part of a special journey like that is a privilege and of course very exciting as a designer cause you get to feed of the couples passion and love to make something very special, for them. Which is what Bespoke Bridal Jewellery is all about! 

It doesn't have to be crazy and different, but adding a little touch like, text, symbols, having a unique shape or a specific cut or stone will mean a lot for the person wearing it and the couple will have a story to tell for the rest of their lives everytime somebody looks at their ring. 

"Marriage is like a gold ring in a chain, whose beginning is a glance and whose ending is eternity." - Khalil Gibran

For a lot of people, looking for that special ring feels very scary. It's a lot of pressure, stress and confusion since the world of jewellery seems like a mystery to most but that's why we're here. To help you get started, to get you excited, to make you feel that you will finally get that dream piece of jewellery you always wanted. Not what the cashier thinks you have to buy ;) 

Visit Bespoke Bridal Jewelleryand we'll take it from there!


More travels and Icona Pop!

June moved really fast! Again! Summer is always an exciting time and as usual, we head back to our beloved Stockholm! And this time daddy Pierre also got to come along. Me and the little monster will stay in Stockholm for the full summer, enjoy the gorgeous scenery that this amazing city has to offer.


After two great months of April and May we've kept up the pace with some more exciting Bespoke & Bridal work! We can't stress enough how special each and every Bespoke job is for us. Getting to know our client, be inspired by them, create with them and then get to see the result & how happy it makes them, is priceless! 


Also, last month we got the exciting news that our latest Couture piece Mary Anne was going to be worn by the talented duo Icona Pop for the very popular Swedish tv show, Så mycket bättre. Doesn't Caroline Hjelt look absolutely stunning? 

Have a fabulous day everyone!


New meets and the month of May

Spring is a season that always rushes by. Or are all the season that way? I'm not sure but time flies, that's for sure! With some trips behind us in april and some bigger events we had a more quiet and focused month of May. 

With some decent time behind the beloved bench with some great drawing sessions, practice and some exciting Bespoke work it feels like I've been reborn again! It's one of the most rewarding feelings. Just getting the chance to dive in, let playfulness take over and see what comes of it. That's what all artists need at the end of the day, to come back to basics and just play with it.

The heat has taken over Dubai. Plus 40'C and it's just the beginning. But nothing can keep us away from the sandy beaches and the gorgeous view that is the Dubai coast.  

To top of this great month we also had the pleasure of visit the very talented Furne Oné in his Amato Couture showroom in D3. The dresses where breathtaking! Furne was super sweet and we got to present Allegra and Mary Anne. 

So all in all, May was a great month filled with positive and creative energy! So we're almost moving in to June where we will travel back to Stockholm to enjoy the sweet swedish summer and we're gonna use so much of that energy as we can for more exciting and creative designs. Stay tuned!


Starstudio Pressevent & Stockholm city

Blessed as we are, we are fortunate to travel back and forth between the magnificent cities Dubai and Stockholm. So after a great month of March in Dubai we headed of to Stockholm for Starstudio's press event day.

We were very excited to be able to present and talk about our beloved Couture pieces and to finally unveil Mary Anne to the world! Meeting other amazing Swedish jewellery brands, talking to jewellery enthusiast, jewellery editors, stylists, photographers and so many other interesting people. It was a fabulous day and Starstudio really did an amazing job organizing it. 

And the location was the best part, Strandvägen 7A with its gorgeous old architecture, right next to the iconic dock of Nybro with the sunniest spring weather Stockholm could offer. It was magical. It was a Kodak moment everytime you looked out the window. 

After the event we spent another week of family, friends and work where we managed to go back to winter with -2 and snow. Stockholm in the spring is fascinating that way, you get all 4 seasons in one!


Dubai, The City of Art & Fashion

This time of year is always exciting in Dubai! You have the Art season, Art week, Dubai Design Days, Art in the city, Sikka Art Fair and of course, Dubai's own fashion week, Fashion Forward. So for us design geeks, it's heaven on earth!

Unfortunately we could not attend all these fabulous events since it's collided with a very longed for- trip to South Africa (a whole other blog post for that later). 

We were invited to attend the glamorous event for Guess's 35 year celebrations and SS17 catwalk. The amazing Shereen Mitwalli was the host and Paul Marciano himself was there to tell us more about the history of Guess. We brought our Allegra with us of course!

Lovely, glass, interior and geodes plus alot more at the Dubai Design Days! We also met the lovely Cecilia Setterdahl, a Swedish carpet print maker. So exciting to see more Swedish designers in Dubai.

We managed to spend two lovely evenings at the Fashion Forward. Attended some lovely talks, saw amazing presentations and the best part, the Amato Couture show! It was beyond gorgeous! I've always been a fan of Furne Amato's work, very Alexandre McQueen (my favorite fashion designer). We love the theatrical, magical and powerful setting and dresses. Spectacular! 

Dubai is the melting pot for the fashion and design in the middle east. So much talent, so much creativity. People flying in from all the MENA countries to be part of this hub of design. Amazing. We feel so blessed to be part of it. 


Inspiration Is All Around!

What an amazing start to the year. Fashion week after fashion week, London, Stockholm, NYC, Paris and then we've had the Grammys, Oscars, Gold Globe and the Swedish Grammies to just mention a few. We've barely covered haft of them but of course, we have been influenced! 

Jewellery isn't just a craftmanship and treasure, it is fashion! It's very important still to distinguish fashion jewellery from fine jewellery BUT if we just look at the concept of fashion, jewellery is very much part of it. We complement or even build our entire outfits on our jewels and that is always clearly shown on the red carpet. 

Fashion weeks and awards of course differ a lot from each other. Fashion weeks are all about the creative, the art of wearing and styling while the awards highly glamorous and thrilling! Oscars was definitely a favourite!


Jessica Biel's choker from Tiffany & Co. was an absolute masterpiece! From Tiffany's Blue Book Collection, the "Whispers of the Rain Forest" piece has over 200 baguette Diamonds and over 350 individually shaped petals. 18K gold, platinum and Diamonds is a master combo!


The Oscars Jewels 2017

Photo 2017-02-28, 09 48 11.png

One of the most glamorous event of the year took place last night. We were or course checkin our the jewels! Naturally we look for the larger the life, spectacular, bold and creative pieces, cause that's what we love here at Home of Eve. 

Last year had more color, more bolder gems but there definitely were some great statement pieces this year too. And there seemed to be a popular theme, chokers. Big ones, creative ones and classic ones. 

Jessica Biel in Tiffany & Co. is our absolute favourite this year. Janelle Monea in Forvermark is a great example of someone using this event to show creative and luxurious jewels. Amazing! Taraji P. Henson just looks stunningly feminine and classy in Nivad Modi  (who seemed to be very popular this year). 

Here are the more classical, all Diamond pieces we loved this event. Charlize Theron in massive Chopard earrings (how can you go wrong with those?), Kate Bosworth in minimal but sharp Piaget set and our own Oscar winner (from last year) looking sweet and classy in Bvlgari. 

Our two favourite ladies in the jewellery industry, here being worn by Kate Hudson (Loarrain Schwartz) and Amy Adams (Cindy Chao). Earrings are such a great playful jewellery to wear and they looked perfect!

Such an exciting event and tonight it's on to the next one, Grammis Galan in Stockholm! 


Nordic Shopping Market

So it's taken us some while to come back to the blogging but finally, here we are! 

Last Saturday we stepped out in the open again after spending a couple of months just working the bench. The nordic business councils in Dubai together arranged a christmas market and we had the opportunity to meet some lovely people and present ourselves, show our precious HE Cube Collection and spred the knowledge of how wonderful it is to have your very own dream piece made! 

The winter has finally arrived in Dubai and you can just feel the whole city coming alive. Also, christmas is just around the corner! It was amazing feeling the excitement, see the kids dance around the christmas tree, meet santa and play winter games. 

Christmas is the season of gifting and watching our beloved HE Cubes get gift wrapped makes us happier beyond compare!


She's Allegra

This is a big week for us. Finally we can make our big reveal. She's here, Allegra.

She is now live on our website where you can send in a request for order. She is not stocked or available in shops. She is purely hand made and will be ready for her new owner within 30 days of order confirmation. 

As we say in our vision statement, "Our vision is to create an extraordinary design experience where the client walks away with their own dream piece", we also mean our dream pieces. And that's what Couture is. It's where we let our creativity run completely free. 

It's our ace card. It's our crown jewels. These are the pieces where our clients can get a whole other type of design experience. To experience the real Home of Eve designs.

We hope you'll grow to love her as much as we do!



A Lack Of Passion Is Fatal

Passion. It's one of our four values at Home of Eve. And probably the most important one. The definition: "A strong and barely controllable emotion." 

We're all passionate about something. It can be family, love, work, a cause. It's a internal drive we have to strive after something we feel compelled to do. It's bigger than ourselves. We all express it differently.

As a designer and illustrator I feel a strong passion for creating. It makes my heart race faster than a Ferrari when I know that I'm creating something very special and of course it's whats lead me to start Home of Eve.  

What's amazing about the feeling of passion is that it usually starts early. Kids clearly show their personality quite clear and I knew in a very young age that I loved to draw and write stories. So whatever I wanted to or not, I was bound to end up working in creatives. There are times I wish I could do something more simple, haha, but it doesn't last for long. I love what I do, cause it is my passion. We all know that we would be happier people if we gave it a shot. Even if it's a long one.

After years working jobs I hated, believing working with jewellery and drawing should only be my hobby I felt empty. Also, I felt depressed thinking that going for that dream was impossible. With a lot of help & push from my husband, by moving to Dubai, I had a shot and I wasn't going to let it pass me by. Life is amazing that way. 

It needs to be said again. Cause life without passion is barely living. Therefore, a lack of passion is fatal.



This is one of our four values: Craftsmanship, Artistry, Passion & Finesse. 

The definition of Craftsmanship: "Skill in particular craft", "The quality of design and work shown in something made by hand".

What first drew me to jewellery was the idea of being able to physically create something so complex, beautiful and durable. I love getting my hands dirty and where better do it then in a workshop full of gold and gems. I spent two years learning silversmithing, gem setting, gem cutting and I loved it so much. But like any other craft you need to dedicate your full time, your every waken hour to that specific craft to master it fully. I knew just smithing the jewellery wasn't going to be enough for me. I wanted to be more focused on the design and gemstones. So I choose to continue my studies in gemmology and illustration.

My years behind the bench are the best thing I ever did for my passion. It is absolutely essential to understand the complexity of the materials and it's important to respect the work that's behind the finished result. Thanks to that I can carefully choose my partners in making and make sure our jewellery are up to the quality and also that the design comes out exactly like I've planned. 

What I mostly love about the craft is that even today, in 2016, we still carry out the same methods as we did hundreds of years ago (but of course there are a lot of new modern tools and techniques). Cause jewellery making is one of the oldest crafts in the world and have existed in all civilizations. The same goes for gem cutting. Fashioning of gems goes back hundreds of years, even though the methods weren't so precise as they are today, beautiful jewellery were made!

As mentioned before, I wished to have been a master at all aspect of the jewellery business but unfortunately no one can. But it doesn't mean that still can't get my hands dirty. As one of my many hobbies, I still cut gems from time to time. And I will never stop.



This time of the year is always exciting with all the awards and fashion shows coming up and the biggest one of them all, of course, is the Oscars! And this year was pretty special for us Swedes, our own Alicia Vikander was nominated for best supporting actress and to our delight, she WON! And she won wearing Louis Vuitton high jewelry pieces.

But of course, as a jewellery lover we don't just get excited by the winners, we admire the precious red carpet jewels!

These are my three favourites. Left: Cate Blanchett wearing Tiffany's. She just looks Tiffany's with that amazing outfit! Middle: Daisy Ridley in gorgeous Chanel. With everything that is Chanel, it's both creative and elegante. Amazing and interesting pieces. Right: Saoirose Ronan in Chopard. The missmatch earrings is such a hit. Plus we just really love how big and colorful the gems are in these pieces. 

And top off the amazing night, Leonardo Dicaprio finally won his Oscar! Better late then never! 


Teasers and Announcements

What's exciting with the start of each year is setting all the new plans in motion. There is more excitement and motivation then ever before. We've already reached February, the winter is hanging in but spring is lurking around the corner. It's such a special time! 

You always say as a business owner that this year will be THE year. 2015 was huge for us but 2016 is going to be even better! That feeling is unbeatable! 

On a more private note, this year is very special because not only are we adding to the Home of Eve family of products (which I will tell you more about in just a second) but we have also added to our own little family and welcomed baby Sebastian on the 9th of February! Our little bundle of joy came out healthy and beautiful and we couldn't be more greatful

Back to our products. As we get closer to March and April, we will soon be able to completely share with you our new and upcoming feature to Home of Eve. Something more luxurious, colorful, creative and artistic then anything we've ever done before! It will all be revealed right here on the website and on our social medias so stay tuned!



The most romantic holiday of the year! And somehow jewellery has always been the language of love. In all honesty, I have to say that it's more romantic when you surprise your loved one any other day of the year, when it's unexpected and spontaneous. You don't really need a specific day to spoil someone you love right? But, somehow, we can't help loving the warm and love filled feeling this day brings.

It's not all red ribbons and hearts. What I truly love, as mentioned many times before, is when people dare to try something new and really put some thought into the jewellery they want to make. A gift is still a gift, it's ment for someone, what is more romantic then when you make it personal? 

So to all the lovebirds out there, I wish you a lovely Valentines day and to everyone who is not to fond of this day, I wish you a wonderful 14th of February! 


The Webster

We all are inspired by other designers in our own fields. I'm even having a series monthly where I showcase my favourite jewellery designers. So when Im asked what designer I loved the most it is always hard to choose, but, the first one that always come to mind is Stephen Webster.

When I started my journey in the jewellery world he was the one who stod out in the crowd of sophisticated, classical Diamond jewellery with his gothic and rock-ish jewellery. I was hooked! I loved all of it! The colors, the sharp edges, the very graphic, straight to the point motifs. It was just brilliant. It was so inspiring to see someone with a whole new take on what luxurious jewellery could be. It doesn't have to be the traditional brilliant cut Rubies and Sapphires neatly stacked but it could be a fancy cut pink Kunzite or purple Tanzanites in the shape of a seahorse or a spider. To me he is the David Bowie of the jewellery industry. 

He is not only an inspiring designer with years of experience on the bench but he is also a very active in the industry helping set the standards for fairtrade material and created the Rock Vault for the British Fashion Council, lifting up British aspiring jewellery designers. In general being an interesting and impressive man. Paving the way for a newer generation of jewellery designers and brands. 


Recaps: 2015

What a cool year 2015 have been! As a fresh and young brand you grow every year and during 2015 we really made some great new improvements and made big exciting decisions for our future.

Home of Eve started out being simply about designing jewellery for others. Till today that is what we love the most, but, we also love to share our own vision of what beauty and jewellery means to us. We decided to take the brand to a whole new level so we put the Cube Collection out there. In it's simplicity it is our signature, like our own Talisman. We couldn't be more proud of it! 

Since we are a Scandinavian brand being based in Dubai, we have a very different angle on style and can therefor bring a fresh breathe to the middle eastern market. Also, being in Dubai means we are also very influenced by all the beauty this pearl offers, which we really want to share with our Scandinavian followers. 

The year started off with some great bespoke jobs. The beauty of doing what we do is that we get to be so diverse and that is every artist dream. The year followed with showcasing our beloved Cube Collection and our dear friend and Spa owner, Therese Mathisen wore our HE Cube Earrings on the popular tv show "Plus".

Since our journey started out of Sweden, we decided to set up base here with two beautiful set ups for retail, Spa by Us, an exclusive and cozy SPA in the middle of Stockholm and Brook Hotels of Sweden, an idyllic hotel located in our home town Roserberg, just outside of the big city of Stockholm. 

While escaping the summer heat in Dubai, we spent our time in a much cooler Stockholm preparing our first photoshoot for the year. A personal shoot where we placed me (Magdalena) as focus. Showing off the beautiful city we love so much. We also managed to have a second photoshoot in Dubai, capturing our work environment.  

And then finally in November, we launched our new brand new website! A huge milestone for us and we couldn't be happier with it.

So after an eventful year that ended with some more lovely bespoke work (keep a look out on our social medias for more beautiful pictures!) we celebrated the new year with a little teaser... 


2016 is going to be an exciting year for sure! More updates coming soon, so stay tuned!


To Be A Designer

Something I always loved doing is to draw. As kid I would draw cartoons for my stories, I loved drawing horses when I went to riding school and later that developed into portrait drawing and more. In my teens I found web designing, though I loved creating websites, sitting behind a computer typing on the dashboard wasn't my idea of designing. I missed my notebook and my pens.

When I decided to move north of Sweden attend university I was completely focused on the craft of making jewellery and working with gemstones. Working with my hands is best thing I know! When the years passed and I ended up in Dubai it became clear to me that what I was missing was to draw. So to tie up the bag, jewellery designing became obvious to me. Now I got to engage in both my passions, jewellery & gems and drawing! 

Illustrating jewellery is unlike any other type of design I've ever done. Being creative as a designer is always great but you have to think like an engineer, you have to consider the materials you use and the wearability not only the beauty. If you fail to fully think a design through it wont last or even worse, the client wont enjoy wearing it. Therefor having my jewellery making background and a certificate within gemmology, I have fully developed the knowledge to design not only pretty jewellery, but durable and wearable pieces that you can enjoy forever. Which is what Home of Eve is all about. The craftsmanship, artistry, with passion and finesse!