To Be A Designer

Something I always loved doing is to draw. As kid I would draw cartoons for my stories, I loved drawing horses when I went to riding school and later that developed into portrait drawing and more. In my teens I found web designing, though I loved creating websites, sitting behind a computer typing on the dashboard wasn't my idea of designing. I missed my notebook and my pens.

When I decided to move north of Sweden attend university I was completely focused on the craft of making jewellery and working with gemstones. Working with my hands is best thing I know! When the years passed and I ended up in Dubai it became clear to me that what I was missing was to draw. So to tie up the bag, jewellery designing became obvious to me. Now I got to engage in both my passions, jewellery & gems and drawing! 

Illustrating jewellery is unlike any other type of design I've ever done. Being creative as a designer is always great but you have to think like an engineer, you have to consider the materials you use and the wearability not only the beauty. If you fail to fully think a design through it wont last or even worse, the client wont enjoy wearing it. Therefor having my jewellery making background and a certificate within gemmology, I have fully developed the knowledge to design not only pretty jewellery, but durable and wearable pieces that you can enjoy forever. Which is what Home of Eve is all about. The craftsmanship, artistry, with passion and finesse!