New meets and the month of May

Spring is a season that always rushes by. Or are all the season that way? I'm not sure but time flies, that's for sure! With some trips behind us in april and some bigger events we had a more quiet and focused month of May. 

With some decent time behind the beloved bench with some great drawing sessions, practice and some exciting Bespoke work it feels like I've been reborn again! It's one of the most rewarding feelings. Just getting the chance to dive in, let playfulness take over and see what comes of it. That's what all artists need at the end of the day, to come back to basics and just play with it.

The heat has taken over Dubai. Plus 40'C and it's just the beginning. But nothing can keep us away from the sandy beaches and the gorgeous view that is the Dubai coast.  

To top of this great month we also had the pleasure of visit the very talented Furne Oné in his Amato Couture showroom in D3. The dresses where breathtaking! Furne was super sweet and we got to present Allegra and Mary Anne. 

So all in all, May was a great month filled with positive and creative energy! So we're almost moving in to June where we will travel back to Stockholm to enjoy the sweet swedish summer and we're gonna use so much of that energy as we can for more exciting and creative designs. Stay tuned!


A Lack Of Passion Is Fatal

Passion. It's one of our four values at Home of Eve. And probably the most important one. The definition: "A strong and barely controllable emotion." 

We're all passionate about something. It can be family, love, work, a cause. It's a internal drive we have to strive after something we feel compelled to do. It's bigger than ourselves. We all express it differently.

As a designer and illustrator I feel a strong passion for creating. It makes my heart race faster than a Ferrari when I know that I'm creating something very special and of course it's whats lead me to start Home of Eve.  

What's amazing about the feeling of passion is that it usually starts early. Kids clearly show their personality quite clear and I knew in a very young age that I loved to draw and write stories. So whatever I wanted to or not, I was bound to end up working in creatives. There are times I wish I could do something more simple, haha, but it doesn't last for long. I love what I do, cause it is my passion. We all know that we would be happier people if we gave it a shot. Even if it's a long one.

After years working jobs I hated, believing working with jewellery and drawing should only be my hobby I felt empty. Also, I felt depressed thinking that going for that dream was impossible. With a lot of help & push from my husband, by moving to Dubai, I had a shot and I wasn't going to let it pass me by. Life is amazing that way. 

It needs to be said again. Cause life without passion is barely living. Therefore, a lack of passion is fatal.


To Be A Designer

Something I always loved doing is to draw. As kid I would draw cartoons for my stories, I loved drawing horses when I went to riding school and later that developed into portrait drawing and more. In my teens I found web designing, though I loved creating websites, sitting behind a computer typing on the dashboard wasn't my idea of designing. I missed my notebook and my pens.

When I decided to move north of Sweden attend university I was completely focused on the craft of making jewellery and working with gemstones. Working with my hands is best thing I know! When the years passed and I ended up in Dubai it became clear to me that what I was missing was to draw. So to tie up the bag, jewellery designing became obvious to me. Now I got to engage in both my passions, jewellery & gems and drawing! 

Illustrating jewellery is unlike any other type of design I've ever done. Being creative as a designer is always great but you have to think like an engineer, you have to consider the materials you use and the wearability not only the beauty. If you fail to fully think a design through it wont last or even worse, the client wont enjoy wearing it. Therefor having my jewellery making background and a certificate within gemmology, I have fully developed the knowledge to design not only pretty jewellery, but durable and wearable pieces that you can enjoy forever. Which is what Home of Eve is all about. The craftsmanship, artistry, with passion and finesse!