March, month of exciting jewels and events

March offered a very exciting red carpet jewels during the award season that we could barely keep up! So much inspiration and gorgeous pieces!

We're massive fans of bold, colorful and dramatic pieces and the Oscars really didn't disappoint. Meanwhile in Stockholm, our girls Allegra and Mary Anne made their way around the awards and festivities.

Seen on the Elle Gala, Polar Music prize and celebrity events and it's amazing to see how a jewellery piece transforms with each person and style. If it's a gala, a dinner party or a birthday party, jewellery is always right! BIG jewellery, is always right. At least that's what we think.



More travels and Icona Pop!

June moved really fast! Again! Summer is always an exciting time and as usual, we head back to our beloved Stockholm! And this time daddy Pierre also got to come along. Me and the little monster will stay in Stockholm for the full summer, enjoy the gorgeous scenery that this amazing city has to offer.


After two great months of April and May we've kept up the pace with some more exciting Bespoke & Bridal work! We can't stress enough how special each and every Bespoke job is for us. Getting to know our client, be inspired by them, create with them and then get to see the result & how happy it makes them, is priceless! 


Also, last month we got the exciting news that our latest Couture piece Mary Anne was going to be worn by the talented duo Icona Pop for the very popular Swedish tv show, Så mycket bättre. Doesn't Caroline Hjelt look absolutely stunning? 

Have a fabulous day everyone!


Starstudio Pressevent & Stockholm city

Blessed as we are, we are fortunate to travel back and forth between the magnificent cities Dubai and Stockholm. So after a great month of March in Dubai we headed of to Stockholm for Starstudio's press event day.

We were very excited to be able to present and talk about our beloved Couture pieces and to finally unveil Mary Anne to the world! Meeting other amazing Swedish jewellery brands, talking to jewellery enthusiast, jewellery editors, stylists, photographers and so many other interesting people. It was a fabulous day and Starstudio really did an amazing job organizing it. 

And the location was the best part, Strandvägen 7A with its gorgeous old architecture, right next to the iconic dock of Nybro with the sunniest spring weather Stockholm could offer. It was magical. It was a Kodak moment everytime you looked out the window. 

After the event we spent another week of family, friends and work where we managed to go back to winter with -2 and snow. Stockholm in the spring is fascinating that way, you get all 4 seasons in one!


In With The New!

So we are already a bit into 2017. 2016 blew past quickly and was a very interesting year for us.

We got to introduce our gorgeous Allegra to the world, we shot beautiful pictures of our HE Cube Collection and of course, our amazing son Sebastian was born. Also we were featured in both "Bröllopsmagasinet" and Plaza Magazine.

A lot of the time was spent in our home town Stockholm, enjoying the beautiful views of the late and bright summer night to the darker white snowy winter. Always an amazing inspiration and of course, one of our driving forces here at Home of Eve. Now we're back in beautiful wintry Dubai, working one new and exciting Couture pieces and bespoke work. 

We are and always will be the mix of these two majestic places. This surely will be our most exciting year so far so stay tuned on our social media and website to see what's to come.

Lots of love!


She's Allegra

This is a big week for us. Finally we can make our big reveal. She's here, Allegra.

She is now live on our website where you can send in a request for order. She is not stocked or available in shops. She is purely hand made and will be ready for her new owner within 30 days of order confirmation. 

As we say in our vision statement, "Our vision is to create an extraordinary design experience where the client walks away with their own dream piece", we also mean our dream pieces. And that's what Couture is. It's where we let our creativity run completely free. 

It's our ace card. It's our crown jewels. These are the pieces where our clients can get a whole other type of design experience. To experience the real Home of Eve designs.

We hope you'll grow to love her as much as we do!