Unisex Jewellery

So what does that even mean? Well the word unisex of course means that the object can be used by both males and females but how does that look in the jewellery world? 

There's either been the traditional male jewellery, except for the cufflinks, tie pins and watches usually result in plain flat rings, silver cuff bracelets or leather jewellery. Some might even wear long pendants. The more fashionable men have even been using the classical Cartier bracelets as a standard daily wear. Black is usually the go to color.

And course, we have exciting artists like Prince and Elton John etc who created the 80's look wearing earrings, brooches and other accessories to add on to their looks. 

But true unisex jewellery, should be neither of these things. Not just plain, not just black. Men should dare to wear gems, colors and shapes. Unisex jewellery to us is a creative and exciting jewellery piece that doesn't lean on any specific gender. It should be picked simply for it's style. 

Men are more interested to accessories to today and we couldn't be happier about that! So lets give men something more interesting then just cufflinks and bracelets. Let's give them more then silver and white gold. Let's give them unisex!