Happy clients = happy designer!

Blessed as we are to design for others, it is a special feeling to design for people you know and love. Being asked by friends or family to design their special engagement ring or wedding ring is the highest honor and compliment. And I have to say this year is special in that way since many friends are planning their proposal or planning their weddings. Fun times!

Mid august we started a design project with a family friend who wanted to celebrate her life and give herself a great 50 year old present, a gold Diamond ring! The best present in our opinion ;) While she was inspired by our own HE Bridal set we went for a square design, big Diamonds and a beautiful message, to live here and now. Im pleased to say that she was more then happy with the result and so were we!

The left and middle  images is the Bespoke ring with shiny white gold, 1.25ct round brilliant Diamonds in prong setting. The engraved message "här & nu" means "here & now", a beautiful reminder to it's owner to live in the moment. To the right is our HE Bridal Diamond Ring, with matt white gold and 0.56ct princess cut Diamonds in a channel setting.

So designing jewellery doesn't mean you need to go crazy, even the simplest designs needs to be carefully planned with feeling and style. Go on our Bespoke page if you also want to plan your special piece.

We also received an email from a previous Bespoke client wanting to show us that she still loves her necklace and bracelet and wear the often. That is the best compliment you can receive in the middle of a hard working day. Thank you Helena! 

Photo 2017-10-01, 12 36 50.jpg

The little black gems

So last post we talked about how the colored gems are finally back in trend. Well black is also a color and definitely a classy one! No matter time or trends, black is the color that will stay elegant.

Photo 2017-09-11, 20 14 06 (1).jpg

Coco Chanel gave us the little black dress, the little black jacket. Well we also need the little black gem to give our wardrobe an edginess and contrast. There are some gems to choose between but the blackest of them all is the Onyx. With it's opaque body it really gives a strong effect and it's silky surface is lovely for a faceted cut or just as a flat. 

Here's an image of our previous Bespoke piece, white gold cufflinks with Onyx and Diamonds. A great example where the Onyx complements the shiny Diamonds with a bold look.

Photo 2014-11-01, 00 45 59.jpg

The black Tourmalines are also popular since they're widely available and inexpensive (compared to most gems). Of course you have the black Diamonds. Who doesn't love Diamonds, right? Giving the high lustre and of course, the luxurious feeling. There are so many lovely options for the little black gem cocktail ring and we love them all! Almost equally ;) 


Colored gems, back in trend!

I couldn't be more happy to be writing this post! As a gemmologist, focused on colored gems, I might be biased but they are the big deal! I love Diamonds just like everyone else but a deep purple Amethyst, an ocean green Paraiba Tourmaline or a colorshifting Alexandrite just makes me jump of joy! 

Okay, so colored gems never really go out of style but they have really started to come back into style when it comes to wedding and engagement rings which makes me very happy. Several of my latest inquiries have been about having Emeralds or Sapphires for their engagement solitaires. All I can say is YES! YES YES YES! 

There are so many great options for colored gems in the engagement/wedding ring but the classics are of course Emeralds, Sapphires and Rubies. But why not venture off and try some pinks, purples, orange or even yellow? I just love it!

Maybe someone might even be as brave as to try colored metals, like Rose, colored Titanium or like our HE Set of bands, have black Rhodium? I really hope so! 

To get some colorful inspiration check out our own creative Couture pieces. 


Wedding fever!

In most countries, summer is the wedding season and it is so on! Also, alot of people get engage and started their plans for coming wedding dates next year. It's a wedding season either way.

The most exciting part of weddings of course are the jewellery (okay, we might be biased here, haha). Being part of a special journey like that is a privilege and of course very exciting as a designer cause you get to feed of the couples passion and love to make something very special, for them. Which is what Bespoke Bridal Jewellery is all about! 

It doesn't have to be crazy and different, but adding a little touch like, text, symbols, having a unique shape or a specific cut or stone will mean a lot for the person wearing it and the couple will have a story to tell for the rest of their lives everytime somebody looks at their ring. 

"Marriage is like a gold ring in a chain, whose beginning is a glance and whose ending is eternity." - Khalil Gibran

For a lot of people, looking for that special ring feels very scary. It's a lot of pressure, stress and confusion since the world of jewellery seems like a mystery to most but that's why we're here. To help you get started, to get you excited, to make you feel that you will finally get that dream piece of jewellery you always wanted. Not what the cashier thinks you have to buy ;) 

Visit Bespoke Bridal Jewelleryand we'll take it from there!


New meets and the month of May

Spring is a season that always rushes by. Or are all the season that way? I'm not sure but time flies, that's for sure! With some trips behind us in april and some bigger events we had a more quiet and focused month of May. 

With some decent time behind the beloved bench with some great drawing sessions, practice and some exciting Bespoke work it feels like I've been reborn again! It's one of the most rewarding feelings. Just getting the chance to dive in, let playfulness take over and see what comes of it. That's what all artists need at the end of the day, to come back to basics and just play with it.

The heat has taken over Dubai. Plus 40'C and it's just the beginning. But nothing can keep us away from the sandy beaches and the gorgeous view that is the Dubai coast.  

To top of this great month we also had the pleasure of visit the very talented Furne Oné in his Amato Couture showroom in D3. The dresses where breathtaking! Furne was super sweet and we got to present Allegra and Mary Anne. 

So all in all, May was a great month filled with positive and creative energy! So we're almost moving in to June where we will travel back to Stockholm to enjoy the sweet swedish summer and we're gonna use so much of that energy as we can for more exciting and creative designs. Stay tuned!



The most romantic holiday of the year! And somehow jewellery has always been the language of love. In all honesty, I have to say that it's more romantic when you surprise your loved one any other day of the year, when it's unexpected and spontaneous. You don't really need a specific day to spoil someone you love right? But, somehow, we can't help loving the warm and love filled feeling this day brings.

It's not all red ribbons and hearts. What I truly love, as mentioned many times before, is when people dare to try something new and really put some thought into the jewellery they want to make. A gift is still a gift, it's ment for someone, what is more romantic then when you make it personal? 

So to all the lovebirds out there, I wish you a lovely Valentines day and to everyone who is not to fond of this day, I wish you a wonderful 14th of February! 


To Be A Designer

Something I always loved doing is to draw. As kid I would draw cartoons for my stories, I loved drawing horses when I went to riding school and later that developed into portrait drawing and more. In my teens I found web designing, though I loved creating websites, sitting behind a computer typing on the dashboard wasn't my idea of designing. I missed my notebook and my pens.

When I decided to move north of Sweden attend university I was completely focused on the craft of making jewellery and working with gemstones. Working with my hands is best thing I know! When the years passed and I ended up in Dubai it became clear to me that what I was missing was to draw. So to tie up the bag, jewellery designing became obvious to me. Now I got to engage in both my passions, jewellery & gems and drawing! 

Illustrating jewellery is unlike any other type of design I've ever done. Being creative as a designer is always great but you have to think like an engineer, you have to consider the materials you use and the wearability not only the beauty. If you fail to fully think a design through it wont last or even worse, the client wont enjoy wearing it. Therefor having my jewellery making background and a certificate within gemmology, I have fully developed the knowledge to design not only pretty jewellery, but durable and wearable pieces that you can enjoy forever. Which is what Home of Eve is all about. The craftsmanship, artistry, with passion and finesse!


So, What Is Bespoke?

The definition of bespoke is "made to order". So what does that mean when you talk about jewellery? To me as a jewellery designer it means that dreams become reality. Making your ultimate fantasy come to life. It means that you will get something unique and precious that you can cherish and value for the rest of your life. Cause that's what jewellery is. A treasure.

When jewellery is made with great craftsmanship and with great material it will live forever, through any weather, seasons or civilisation. It's what I like to call, durable art. 

Rose gold ring set with Diamonds & triangle cut Morganite

The process might seem dunting to some. It can get so expensive and do I really know what I want? What if I don't know what my ultimate dream piece is? That's where us jewellery designers come in. By getting to know a person, their story, desire and wishes I can help them discover a whole new passion and suddenly they can't contain their excitement!

Never forget, quality jewellery might be expensive but it will always hold it's value. Cause through all generations and civilisations, jewellery has been the standing value and considered the true riches.

If you are curious what bespoke jewellery is all about, please check out our services under "Bespoke" and send us an enquiry. It can never hurt to ask, right? :)



New Adventures

Just got back to Sweden this Friday. Was met by below zero degrees, frost and blue skies and I couldn't have been more happy. Since it's Sweden and end of november, that of course didn't last very long until it was grey and rainy again. Oh well. But that's not what's important now. 

Being back means a lot of work to be done. This beautiful website is launched and already receiving fresh orders, new products are being produced and delivered and most importantly, our newest feature for our brand is being finalised. I'm so excited I can't barely keep it in! But I have to, for a little while longer...

With each new step we take on our journey towards that next extraordinary jewellery piece we grow more thankful. Living cross cultural, feeding of our Scandinavian background and our Middle eastern heritage is both exciting and a blessing! So with that said, lets get back to work!




Over a month ago we had our photoshoot for our Bespoke service with the gorgeous R. Jacobs. I'm not a fan of the camera, specially when being the subject and trying to be relaxed and natural is next to impossible for me. But as always, when you work with great people things turn out fantastic! Here are some behind the scene snaps.

Great day, great shots! Couldn't be happier. Both cause they turned out great but also that it's done and over with! Haha. Figured I would be a pro by now since we also did a profile photoshoot this summer during our visit in Stockholm, but I just can't seem to be friend the camera. Oh well. My good friend Johan Mattsson from Swell ran all over south side of Stockholm with me to capture the great beauty that is Stockholm city.

Two experiences and a whole lot of pictures richer! I admire photographers so much. Their ability to capture moments and make them magical memories. Love it! Just like we do here at Home of Eve, only with do it with precious, luscious jewels.  


New Beginnings

It's finally here! Our brand new website and we couldn't be more excited. It's not only the website that's new, our overall profile has undergone a makeover and we're happy to finally share it with the world. Blasting through all our media channels such as Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. A BIG thank you to the wonderful Tiara Attar who did an amazing job working on this wonderful website!

Home of Eve has always been about making dreams come true. We love working on projects, whether it's our own or our clients. Since our start in 2013, we have release our own signature collection, Cube Collection, and made several amazing bespoke pieces, and there are much more to come.

On our new website, you can learn more about how the Bespoke service works, see where our Cube Collection is sold or place a direct order, see our brand video, peak on our artwork, get great tips on how to take care of your jewellery and more. I've even shared my own story and background, along with some of my illustrations, so you can get an idea of what bespoke jewellery is all about.

I really hope you like it and stay tuned on our blog and media channels to learn more about upcoming projects, events and more.