Wedding fever

So February is one of the two big wedding months and we've been lucky enough to meet some lovebirds to design their perfect rings.


Weddings are of course, not only about the wedding rings but also about the bride jewels as well. What's so great today is that brides are inspired, not only by classics but also by jewels from other cultures and countries. Colored gems, patterns, style of ring, it's all open for discussion and it's very exciting! 

The reason February is such a big wedding month, is because a wedding requires a lot of planning and you need to be prepared, to give each and every little detail time. Picking your venue, menu, flowers and of course, your jewels. This years most favourite jewellery piece is the head piece. Most cultures share this jewel, some in form of a Tiara, hair clips or a full on head piece.

Luckily the wedding fever wont end here in February but will continue all through the spring! Cause we can't have enough!