2018, the year of making statements

At the end of each year we always take time to reflect over the passing year and what we experienced. The good, the bad, the challenges and the wins. 



Instead of looking back, we just want to thank everyone that made 2017 a very exciting year and now focus on making 2018 an even better one. There is a certain energy around new years, a momentum, a drive. Let's just capture that and use it to make amazing, mindblowingly fantastic jewellery!

We have some very exciting collaborations and projects this year. We are going bigger, bolder and more colorful then ever! We're growing our team, we're extending the Home of Eve family and we just can't wait to get started! 

Like most of our clients, we are looking to make our dreams come true, to create the most extraordinary, high quality, crazy artistic jewellery pieces and we can't wait to share them with you all.

Here's some of 2017's best statement jewellery.

2018 should be the year when we make a statement, this is you and this is what you want to wear! Let us help you make your greatest statement and you'll shine forever.