So, What Is Bespoke?

The definition of bespoke is "made to order". So what does that mean when you talk about jewellery? To me as a jewellery designer it means that dreams become reality. Making your ultimate fantasy come to life. It means that you will get something unique and precious that you can cherish and value for the rest of your life. Cause that's what jewellery is. A treasure.

When jewellery is made with great craftsmanship and with great material it will live forever, through any weather, seasons or civilisation. It's what I like to call, durable art. 

Rose gold ring set with Diamonds & triangle cut Morganite

The process might seem dunting to some. It can get so expensive and do I really know what I want? What if I don't know what my ultimate dream piece is? That's where us jewellery designers come in. By getting to know a person, their story, desire and wishes I can help them discover a whole new passion and suddenly they can't contain their excitement!

Never forget, quality jewellery might be expensive but it will always hold it's value. Cause through all generations and civilisations, jewellery has been the standing value and considered the true riches.

If you are curious what bespoke jewellery is all about, please check out our services under "Bespoke" and send us an enquiry. It can never hurt to ask, right? :)