Our vision is to create an extraordinary design experience where the client walks away with their very own dream piece.



Eve, the first woman, the source of life and the mother of all mothers. This is our driving spirit in creating and designing artistic jewellery. We are inspired by the greatness and beauty that is represented by all the women of the world. We strive to represent them all here in our home, the Home of Eve.

As a fine jewellery company, Home of Eve only produces jewellery in pure metals such as Silver, Gold, Platinum and only uses natural gemstones. We cherish the raw and natural beauty in these precious materials and work effortlessly to bring out their true qualities.

Launched in 2013, Home of Eve is a Scandinavian jewellery brand working with Bespoke, Bridal, Collection and Couture jewellery with head office and production in Dubai, United Arab Emirates and office in Stockholm, Sweden.




The founder of Home of Eve, Magdalena Chamoun, was born in the Northern suburbs of Sweden's capital, Stockholm, to Lebanese parents, Martin and Lina. Since a young age, Magdalena got to travel all around the world to experience exciting cultures and beautiful views. "My mother always said; we're all citizens of the world." Growing up with mixed cultures was a great blessing and therefore, Magdalena's style and design thinking will always be a mix of Scandinavian and Middle Eastern.

Magdalena was very influenced by her grandmother, Samira, who comes from a family of many artists, painters, crafters and carpenters. This motivated Magdalena to pursue her interest for crafts through her teenage years, leading up to a passion for gemstones and silversmithing.

After high school, Magdalena decided to bet on her dreams and moved to the most Northern parts of Sweden to study Jewellery Making and Gemstone Engineering at one of Sweden's largest universities, Luleå University of Technology. Living above the polar circle, close to beautiful, wild winter nature and historical cultures was a unique and inspiring experience. Moving back to Stockholm after two years with a degree and an international certificate in Gemmology and working for a local jeweller, Magdalena wanted to continue with designing when a great opportunity presented itself in Dubai.


While arriving in Dubai, Magdalena started studying jewellery design for two years, acquiring skills in illustration, technical drawing and pricing. She then continued her studies in London's jewellery district Hatton Garden, learning wax carving and computer-aided jewellery design.